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Notes on the Use of Deoxidizers Main Functions of Riser Fever Agents in Henan Province

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Zhengzhou Dongsheng Metallurgical New Material Co., Ltd. is a well-known company providing products and services in China. We hereby introduce the related contents of the company and learn from each other. Attentions for


(1) Choose packaging materials with oxygen permeability lower than 20 ml/m2.24h.25 C, such as KOP/PE.KPET/PE, composite film packaging bags, plastic cans, glass cans, iron cans;

(2) Summary Pay attention to sealing strength and sealing quality, so as not to leak air;

(3) After opening this package, it is better to use up and seal the fresh-keeping materials within 1-2 hours, if not used up, please discharge the air in the original packaging bag in time and re-seal Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou deoxidizer manufacturers to avoid failure;

(4) not microwave, not edible.

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Henan Riser Heating Agent Manufacturer said that the main function of riser is to compensate the shrinkage of liquid metal in the cavity and the shrinkage of casting during solidification so as to obtain compact castings without shrinkage holes.When the casting is cooled in the mould, the thinnest part solidifies first, and its shrinkage can be compensated by the thicker part nearby.When the thicker part solidifies, it can be compensated by the thickest part. When solidifying, if no external compensation is obtained, the place will form large shrinkage holes.Riser types:

.Common risers: risers made of ordinary plastic materials are called ordinary risers;

.2. Insulation risers: risers made of thermal insulation materials are called Zhengzhou risers, which is called insulation risers when purchasing risers made of Zhengzhou risers, the solidification time of liquid metal in the insulation risers is longer than that of common risers, saving metals.

3. Fever riser: add heating agent in riser material, after pouring metal liquid, the heating agent reacts to heat, so that the liquid metal can stay in liquid for longer time, save more metal than heat preservation riser.

is good, about "where to buy Zhengzhou riser heating agent", let's talk about it today, if you have any questions, or for Zhengzhou East. Sheng Metallurgical New Materials Co., Ltd. and other places you want to know, you can telephone consultation, of course, you can also consult our customer service online oh! Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven
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