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HENAN DEOXIDANT MANUFACTURER: DEOXIDANT NOTES What are the advantages of Zhengzhou riser fever

source: │ Publication time:2019-3-11 9:21:00 

Today, we will bring you some points for attention in using deoxidizer. We hope that through our introduction, you can have a deeper understanding of the problems of Zhengzhou Dongsheng Metallurgical New Materials Co., Ltd. and so on:

(1) Choose packaging materials with oxygen permeability less than 20 ml/m2.24h.25 C, such as KOP/PE.KPET/PE composite film packaging bags, plastic cans, glass cans, iron cans; 88811 1 (2) Attention should be paid to the sealing strength and quality, so as not to leak air;

(3) After opening this package, it is best to use up and seal the fresh-keeping materials within 1 to 2 hours. If not used up, please discharge the air in the original packaging bag in time and re-seal it, so as to avoid the failure of deoxidizer;

(4) not microwave. Not edible.

may be an article of interest to you. The riser of

has different feeding function, its form, size and opening position are different, so the design of riser takes into account the properties of casting alloy and the characteristics of castings. For alloys with small volume shrinkage (such as gray cast iron) or alloys without centralized shrinkage (such as tin bronze) during solidification, the main function of riser is to discharge gases and holes in the mould cavity. Collect liquid metal mixed with inclusions or oxide film at the front of liquid flow to reduce defects in castings. This riser is placed on the opposite side of the inner gate and its size does not need to be too large. For castings requiring control of microstructures, the riser can collect liquid metal cooled at the front of liquid flow to avoid supercooled structure on castings. Figure 2 is a piston ring cast by a single body. A piston ring is arranged opposite the inner gate. The size and location of such risers should be determined according to the microstructural requirements of the castings.

"Precautions for the use of deoxidizers" and another article from a Compound Deoxidizer manufacturer will provide some help to you. We will be in the following section: Follow-up elaborate preparation of more about Zhengzhou Dongsheng Metallurgical New Materials Co., Ltd. content, if you do not want to miss, we suggest collecting our website! Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven


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