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Limitation of material refining slag of deoxidizer

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In the aspect of refining slag function, the related situation that Zhengzhou Dongsheng Metallurgical New Materials Co., Ltd. knows or understands is analyzed, so that you can know more about the industry besides Zhengzhou Dongsheng Metallurgical New Materials Co., Ltd.

high-efficiency composite Deoxidizer has strong deoxidization, desulfurization and carburization ability. It plays an important role in changing the shape distribution of the central impurities in steel, refining the grain size, improving the mechanical properties of steel and improving the quality of steel. Using high-efficiency composite Deoxidizer as steelmaking material, the yield of silicon and manganese elements in ferrosilicon and ferromanganese is increased by 8-12%, and the addition of ferrosilicon and ferromanganese is reduced. The use of high-efficiency composite Deoxidizer completely replaced the expensive deoxidizer materials such as pure aluminum, silicon-aluminium-iron, silicon-calcium-iron, silicon-aluminium-barium-iron, silicon-calcium-barium-iron and so on. The deoxidizer effect is more remarkable, which greatly reduces the cost of steelmaking. The characteristics of deoxidizer improve considerable economic benefits.

Many people checked the foaming performance of :

refining slag and the viscosity of the slag. Tension is related to density, which is generally measured by foaming index. However, the determination of foaming index of slag is based on experimental data such as a certain range of slag composition, a certain temperature and a certain blowing speed. In actual production, these factors change constantly with the different refining requirements and production processes, and the specific processes of each production unit are different. Therefore, the determination of foaming index of slag is based on experimental data such as a certain range of slag composition, a certain temperature and a certain blowing rate. The conclusions obtained have certain limitations on the guidance of actual production. Fluorite has obvious influence on foaming effect. First, the surface tension and the density of slag acting on the refining slag of characteristic furnace are reduced significantly, which is beneficial to slag foaming; second, the viscosity of slag is reduced, which is not conducive to slag foaming. Therefore, according to the slag system used in actual production, the addition of fluorite should be controlled reasonably. The foaming of refining slag not only depends on the nature of the slag but also depends on the volume of gas. Even if the slag is of good quality, the effect of foaming slag is not good because of the small amount of gas. In the middle and later stages of refining, the effect of adding calcium carbide or silicon carbide to the foaming slag is poor because the oxygen in the slag has been removed. In order to improve the foaming performance of the slag in the middle and later stage of refining, limestone can be added. A small amount of carbon powder is used as foaming agent, and CO bubbles formed by reaction of CO2 and C are used to promote foaming of slag. More than

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