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[Skills] How to use deoxidizer What is the raw material of deoxidizer?

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Today, we will bring you the role of deoxidizer. We hope that through our introduction, you can have a deeper understanding of the role of

deoxidizer in Zhengzhou Dongsheng Metallurgical New Materials Co., Ltd. and other issues. Deoxidizer is also called oxygen absorbent or deoxidizer. In Japan, it is called deacidifier. It can regulate the concentration of oxygen in sealed packaging in half a day or two days. Deoxidizer is a new fresh-keeping material in food. It has unique advantages. It is packed in the same packaging bag with food. Deoxidizer absorbs the oxygen in the bag, so that the anaerobic deoxidizer in the packaging bag can be preserved. In case of eating by mistake, it is harmless to human body.

may be of interest to you. Article: The raw material of

deoxidizer must have the side effects of stable reaction, no strange smell and harmful gas formation. In case of eating by mistake, it is harmless to human body. The deoxidizer generally uses iron powder as basic material in general food, which can maintain food quality and prolong shelf life, prevent oil oxidation, fade and maintain nutrients in healthy food. Agent manufacturers tell you how to use deoxidizer correctly.

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