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Characteristics of multi-functional refining slag discussion on the application of riser in Zhengzhou riser heating agent manufacturer

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The development of many industries in our life is inseparable. Sometimes some industries have their own brands in their fields. Today, I would like to introduce to you the pre-melting multi-functional refining slag

of Zhengzhou Dongsheng Metallurgical New Materials Co., Ltd. because of its uniform composition, low melting point, fast melting speed and shorter smelting time, which is attracting more and more attention of steel-making enterprises. It is known as a new type of material in the 21st century. It is mainly used for refining outside steel-making and metallurgical furnaces. Pre-melting multi-functional refining slag has been widely used in foreign countries, such as Korea, Japan, Europe and America, and has gradually attracted the attention and application of domestic metallurgical industry.

pre-melting refining slag refers to the use of high temperature in special equipment after mixing raw materials in a certain proportion. When the melting point temperature of slag system is higher than that of slag system, the raw materials are melted into liquid state, then cooled and crushed, and then used for steelmaking refining slag. The pre-melted refining slag has high purity, uniform chemical composition, stable phase, low melting point and fast slagging speed, which can greatly shorten the refining time and can be directly used for slag washing in ladle tapping process of converter to improve the cleanliness of molten steel. It does not contain fluorine or a small amount of fluorine. Because of its compact structure, non-water absorption, easy storage, non-pulverization and non-volatilization, it can significantly reduce dust pollution in iron and steel works, but the production cost is higher.

company produces pre-melted multi-functional refining slag which is melted by electric furnace, open-hearth furnace and cupola, with less impurities and stable composition. The products with different contents of calcium, aluminium and silicon can meet the requirements of low sulphur, low carbon and low phosphorus. The granularity of the riser is uniform, and the characteristics and color of the multi-functional refining slag are the same.

Henan riser heater manufacturer, which is concerned about :

, indicates that the main function of the riser is to compensate the liquid metal. The liquid shrinkage in the cavity and the shrinkage in the solidification process of the casting are used to obtain compact castings without shrinkage holes. When the casting is cooled in the mould, the thinnest part solidifies first, and the shrinkage can be compensated by the thicker part nearby; when the thicker part solidifies, the thickest part can be compensated by the thickest part; when the thickest part solidifies, large shrinkage holes will be formed at this part if no external compensation is obtained. Class

. Common risers: common risers made of common moulding materials are called ordinary risers;

2. Insulation risers: risers made of insulating materials are called insulating risers. The liquid metal in the insulating risers solidifies longer and saves metal than ordinary risers;

3. Fever risers: add heat agent in riser materials, after pouring metal liquid, the heating agent reacts to heat up and make gold. Metal liquid can keep in liquid for longer time, save more metal than insulating riser. Several points introduced above

are about the application of riser in Zhengzhou riser and heating agent manufacturer. I believe that after reading the introduction of this article, I will have my own understanding of this aspect, and can solve the problems well in the future. Here, we recommend you to know more about Zhengzhou Dongsheng Metallurgical New Materials Co., Ltd. and other related information, hoping to help you! Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven
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