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[Recommendation] What is the method of using deoxidizer? Zhengzhou Deoxidizer Factory: The scope of use of deoxidizer

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In the aspect of how to use deoxidizer when the deoxidizer manufacturer tells you, Zhengzhou Dongsheng Metallurgical New Material Co., Ltd. knows or understands the relevant situation, so that you can know more about the industry besides Zhengzhou Dongsheng Metallurgical New Material Co., Ltd.

deoxidizer, also known as oxygen absorbent or deoxidizer, is called deacidifier in Japan. It can reduce the concentration of oxygen in the prescribed sealed package from 21% to less than 1% in half a day or two days, so as to prevent mildew deoxidizer of various articles and foods from being a fresh-keeping material in food. It has unique advantages. It has the same package as food. In bagging, deoxidizers absorb oxygen in bags, so that the advantages of anaerobic deoxidizers and deoxidizers in packaging bags can be preserved. In case of eating incorrectly, it is harmless to human body.

many people have looked at the application scope of :

deoxidizers: besides iron deoxidizers, enzymatic deoxidizers are also widely used. Enzymatic deoxidizers are also used for pH. Aw. Salt content, temperature and other factors. The deoxidizer can be directly made into small bags and put into bottle caps in bottled beer or liquor drinks. In addition, the enzyme system can be fixed in polypropylene or polyethylene membrane deoxidizer manufacturers to tell you how to use the deoxidizer. Another type of deoxidizer is photosensitive. Sensitive dye deoxidizer. This deoxidization technology is to seal a small sheet of ethyl cellulose membrane (with photosensitive dyes and singlet oxygen receptors dissolved inside) on the top of the transparent packaging bag. When the packaging film is irradiated by the appropriate wavelength, the excited dye molecules sensitize the oxygen molecules infiltrating into the packaging film to singlet oxygen, which reacts with the acceptor molecules. Consumption. More than

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