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[Method] Deoxidizer is widely used. A brief introduction of Zhengzhou Deoxidizer Factory

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Zhengzhou Dongsheng Metallurgical New Material Co., Ltd. is a well-known company providing products and services in China. We hereby introduce the related contents of the company and learn from each other.

deoxidizer application scope: besides iron deoxidizer, enzymatic deoxidizer is also widely used. Enzymatic deoxidizer is sensitive to changes in pH. Aw. salt content, temperature and other factors, and also needs water in reaction. Participation, therefore, does not work well in foods with low moisture content. But in bottled beer or liquor drinks, the deoxidizer can be directly made into small bags and put into the cap of the bottle. In addition, enzymes can also be fixed on polypropylene or polyethylene membranes. Another kind of deoxidizer is photosensitive dye deoxidizer, which seals an ethyl fiber on the inner top of transparent packaging bags. When the packaging film is illuminated by appropriate wavelength, the excited dye molecules sensitize the oxygen molecules infiltrating into the packaging film into the singlet oxygen deoxidizer. The scope of application of the deoxidizer is consumed by the reaction between the singlet oxygen molecules and the acceptor molecules.

River is the focus of :

River. South Deoxidizer manufacturers tell you that deoxidizers are not food additives. They absorb oxygen from packaging containers through the iron powder oxidation principle and quickly reduce the concentration of oxygen to less than 0.01% within 0.5-2 working days. This ensures that the products are not oxidized and deteriorated. The reaction is stable. No odor. No harmful gas formation. No side effects. Because the weight of food is different. The volume of food is different. The material of bags is different. The type of deoxidizer selected must be able to remove the oxygen in the bag, otherwise the product will be mildewed.

deoxidizer, as a new food preservation material, has its unique advantages. It is in the same container with food. What is the advantage of deoxidizer manufacturer to use absorbent deoxidizer to collect the oxygen in the container and make the container anaerobic? At present, besides bagging, there are also caps in the form of deoxidizers. Bags are used for bagged food, while caps are used for containers such as bottles and cans. In recent years, with the development of food industry and the improvement of packaging materials, deoxidizers are used in China. More and more attention has been paid to, and the application is more and more extensive.

Well, about "what are the advantages of deoxidizer manufacturers", let's talk about it first today. If you have any questions, or for Zhengzhou Dongsheng Metallurgical New Materials Co., Ltd. and other places you want to know, you can call, of course, online consulting our customer service! Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven
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