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[Sharing] Summary of the advantages of risers

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Zhengzhou Dongsheng Metallurgical New Material Co., Ltd. is a well-known company providing products and services in China. Here we introduce the relevant contents of the company and learn from each other. What is the principle of feeding at

riser? What is the purpose of setting risers at the thick wall and hot spot parts of castings? It is mainly to prevent shrinkage and shrinkage. The size of riser should be guaranteed to be higher than it. The part to be compensated solidifies late and has enough liquid metal supply. The principle of sequential solidification is adopted to establish a temperature gradient gradually increasing from the part far from riser to riser in castings, so as to realize sequential solidification from riser to riser, that is, the part far from riser solidifies first, the part near riser then solidifies riser, and the riser is set up. What's the advantage of riser itself is the final solidification.

is more concerned about :

riser what role? How to place riser? When riser is used for casting, the air in the mould is discharged, impurities in the casting metal juice and so on. Generally small castings can be set without riser, slightly larger castings can be set on the far side of the gate, especially large ones are set at both ends, riser. The feeding efficiency of riser can be improved by various technical measures. For example, medium and small castings can be added a heat preservation or heating sleeve around riser. The advantages of riser can be summarized to slow down the solidification of riser to achieve the purpose of reducing the size of riser. Apart from insulating sleeve or heating sleeve, it can also be heated by electric arc or flame at the top of riser to slow down its solidification. Several points introduced above

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