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Advantages of Deoxidizer Application of Riser in Zhengzhou Riser Heating Agent Factory

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Zhengzhou Dongsheng Metallurgical New Material Co., Ltd. is a more professional company, and its field is quite prominent. Today we can learn about the details of the company.

high-efficiency composite Deoxidizer has strong ability of deoxidation, desulfurization and carbon-increasing. It can change the shape distribution of central impurities in steel, refine grain, improve the mechanical properties of steel and improve the steel. Quality plays an important role. The yield of silicon and manganese elements in ferrosilicon and ferromanganese is 8-12% higher than that in ferrosilicon, ferrosilicon and ferromanganese, and the amount of ferrosilicon and ferromanganese is reduced. The expensive deoxidized materials such as pure aluminium, ferrosilicon, calcium iron, ferrosilicon-aluminium-barium-iron and ferrosilicon-calcium-barium are completely replaced by the efficient composite deoxidizer. The deoxidization effect is more remarkable and greatly reduced. More and more people will pay attention to

: Henan Riser Heating Agent manufacturer said that the main function of riser is to compensate the liquid shrinkage of liquid metal in the cavity and the shrinkage of casting during solidification, so as to obtain compact castings without shrinkage holes. When casting is cooled in the mould, the thinnest part is the first. The shrinkage can be compensated by the thicker part nearby; when the thicker part solidifies, the thickest part can be compensated by the thickest part; when the thickest part solidifies, if no external compensation can be obtained, the place will form large shrinkage holes.Riser type:

advantage Zhengzhou riser heating agent to buy which 1.Common riser: common riser made of ordinary plastic materials called common riser;

2.Thermal insulation riser Mouth: The riser made of thermal insulation material is called thermal insulation riser, the liquid metal in the thermal insulation riser solidifies longer and saves metal than the ordinary riser;

3. Fever riser: add the heating agent in the riser material, after pouring the liquid metal, the heating agent reacts to heat, so that the liquid metal can stay in liquid for longer time and save more metal than the thermal insulation riser. More than

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