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What is the main function of Zhengzhou riser heating agent?

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Hope that you can have a certain understanding and understanding of the role of deoxidizer through the introduction of this article. Following the experts of Zhengzhou Dongsheng Metallurgical New Material Co., Ltd., let's take a look at the relevant content to introduce the function of

deoxidizer. Deoxidizer is also called oxygen absorber, or deoxidizer in Japan. It can be called deacidifier in half a day or in half a day. In two days, the concentration of oxygen in sealed packaging will be reduced from 21% to less than 1%, so as to prevent the mildew deoxidizer of various articles and foods from being a fresh-keeping material in food. It has unique advantages. It is packed in the same packaging bag with food. The deoxidizer absorbs the oxygen in the bag, so that the anaerobic deoxidizer in the packaging bag can preserve what kind of food is the function of the deoxidizer. In case that eating by mistake is harmless to human body, you may prefer this article:

riser with different heating agent supply functions has different forms, sizes and opening positions, so the design of riser takes into account the properties of casting alloys and the characteristics of castings. For alloys with small volume shrinkage during solidification (such as gray cast iron) or alloys without concentrated shrinkage holes, the design of riser should take into account the properties of casting alloys and the characteristics of castings.( For example, tin bronze, the main function of riser is to discharge the gas in the cavity and collect the metal liquid mixed with inclusions or oxide film at the front of the liquid flow to reduce the defect of the feeding function of the riser heating agent in the casting function. The riser is mostly located opposite to the inner gate, and its size is not too large. For castings requiring control of the microstructure, the riser can collect the cooled metal at the front of the liquid flow. The size and location of such risers should be determined according to the microstructural requirements of the castings.

"What is the role of deoxidizer" It's our little editor who prepared it carefully for you. Do you remember what we said in the last chapter? There may be some incomplete aspects of these, we will explain

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