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Slag defoaming insulating agent

source: time:2020-5-12 11:38:09

product details
    blast furnace ironmaking inevitably produces a large amount of iron slag and produces foam. The inherent physical properties and technological conditions of these slag determine that it is very easy to bond and deposit in molten iron trench wall, hot metal tank, torpedo tank and mixed iron.

In the furnace, the service life of the iron trench is reduced, the effective use volume of the iron container is reduced, the slag sticking part is not easy to clean, the labor intensity of the workers is increased, and the utilization rate of the equipment is reduced, which seriously affects the smooth operation of the production process. In view of the above situation, the slag defoamer product developed and produced by our company has the functions of slagging, defoaming, heat preservation, absorption of hot metal inclusions and prevention of hot metal oxidation. After adding this product, the fluidity of iron slag is good, the separation of slag and iron is good, the recovery rate of hot metal is high, and the slag is not bonded to the wall or crust. The product has natural granules, extruded granules and spray hollow particles, which has been well received by users.

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