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Coke passivator

source: time:2020-5-12 11:38:10

product details
      modern blast furnaces adopt intensified smelting measures with high blast volume, high blast temperature and high coal ratio. The high temperature metallurgical properties of coke have become a limiting factor for further strengthening and expanding coal injection in blast furnaces, and also affect the first generation of blast furnaces.

As a result, it has become a consensus in ironmaking circles to reduce coke reactivity, improve post-reaction strength and improve high-temperature metallurgical properties. The passivator is sprayed on the coke surface, the dissolved substance is adsorbed on the coke surface after dehydration and crystallization to form a protective film. After dehydration and crystallization, some micro-particles are filled into the coke pore to prevent the reaction between carbon dioxide and coke and its diffusion into the coke, so as to reduce the thermal reactivity of coke, increase the strength of coke after reaction, improve the metallurgical properties of coke, ensure the smooth running of blast furnace, wind break and tuyere loss. Reducing coke ratio and increasing utilization coefficient of BF can improve economic benefit of BF production.

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