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Silicon Carbon Warming Ball

source: time:2020-5-12 11:38:14

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    At present, in metallurgical industry of our country, out-of-furnace alloying is often used to adjust the composition of molten steel. When molten steel is in peroxide state, due to the small proportion of carburant material, it is easy to produce low carbon recovery and reproducibility in molten steel, resulting in low hit rate of carbon composition in steelmaking steel. On the other hand, because of its small proportion, it can not sink into molten steel, and the reaction interface with molten steel is small, which is limited to molten steel. Upper or surface, resulting in a significant reduction in carbon recovery. In order to solve the above shortcomings, our company has developed a new series of silicon-carbon heating spheres. Using high purity carbon powder iron, metal manganese, metal silicon manganese and other materials, made by special processing technology, its density is high, purity is high, and can achieve a high and stable recovery rate, so that the carbon and alloy recovery rate can reach more than 95%, and the operation is convenient, does not increase equipment, and reduces production costs.

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