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Mold casting powder

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Product characteristics and performance:
Mold casting flux is produced by using washed low carbon graphite as base material and other fluxes. The slag has good lubricity and heat preservation properties. It can quickly form three layers of structure after contacting with molten steel. It can lubricate the mould wall, prevent secondary oxidation of molten steel and heat preservation of ingot head. It has strong adaptability and is superior to other power plant ash-based, carbon slate-based and red mud-based molds. It can be used for steel casting. Protective casting is effective in improving surface and tail quality of ingot and prolonging service life of ingot mould.

In order to ensure the stability of mold powder, the choice of base material is very important. Due to the requirements of casting conditions, mold powder should have low basicity and high viscosity. Its melting point is 1100-1250 degrees Celsius. The main chemical composition of base material is: SiO 2 30-60%, ALO 3 5-20%, CaO 10-30%..
At present, blast furnace slag, power plant ash, graphite tailings, cement clinker, wollastonite, vermiculite and perlite are widely used in China. According to relevant research institutes, cement clinker and wollastonite are better, but their prices are higher. Power plant fly ash with stable coal resources and without collecting drift beads can also be obtained by properly adding other base materials, solvents and carbon materials. For example, ZF-12 composite slag produced by Zhouzhuang Steel-making and Material-preserving Plant has stable performance, low carbon content, good surface quality of ingot, small head carburization and cap shear loss.

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